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Thank You!

GREETINGS: Second Episcopal District Church Family!

Dear Second Episcopal District Church Family:

Arelis and I are thankful, and our heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude to the Second Episcopal District (SED) family for your love and demonstration of genuine compassion and support of the SEDs “ WE CARE TOUR 2023 to the Dominican Republic, November 20-26, 2023.  

We are profoundly grateful to you for opening your hearts and sharing your finances. You made it possible for the SED to purchase a state-of-the-art Fire Truck for The Town of Las Galeras, Dominican Republic. Its dedicated volunteer Fire Department, before your gift, still carried buckets of water to put out fires. Because of your love and generosity, they will no longer be without this essential lifesaving resource.

Further, we must express thanks to the members of the SED who made the sacrifice to accompany us on the trip to the Dominican Republic during the Thanksgiving Holiday Season, including Our SED WMS President and other missionaries, laypersons, presiding elder, pastors/clergy. While there you engaged in a variety of exciting and essential services, including feeding the people, providing medical assistance; distributing school supplies and money to the children and churches; and disseminating care packages, to name a few.

Your time and the resources that you provided will long be remembered and appreciated by the people of the Dominican Republic. The SEDs contributions and your presence have made it possible and will leave a legacy for the people of Las Galeras to understand that anyone whom God puts in our path to befriend, is our neighbor.  

Also, we  have commissioned a video that captures the exciting events that took place on the “WE CARE TOUR.”  It will be shown at the Founder’s Day Celebration, in February 2024, And you have an opportunity to experience to an even greater degree, the impact of the WE CARE TOUR, May we remain ever united as Christians and proud of our heritage as sons and daughters of Allen. 

It is a noble spiritual calling to come to the aid of those who desperately need our help. And that is what you’ve unselfishly done in blessing our brothers and sisters in the Dominican Republic with your generous contributions and visit. Again, thanks for your support in this effort and all the other times that you have come to the rescue of those in need. 

Thank you for caring so much. And we thank God who allows us to serve people like you--who care so much, who respond purely out of love. It is this spirit that makes our witness so great and powerful. 

In the Spirit of the REAL Church: “Still Daring to Believe,- I Am the Difference.

”I can do all this through him who gives me strength. -- Phil 4:13

James and Arelis Davis

Servant Leaders

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