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Bishop James Levert Davis

Bishop James Levert Davis is the Presiding Prelate of the Second Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church.


He is a fifth generation African Methodist Episcopal minister, and the son of the late Mother Dorothy Lynch, the late Reverend Sam Davis and Mother Alma Davis.  Bishop Davis attended both the public and private schools of Alabama. He received the call to ministry at age 12.  Upon high school graduation, he enrolled a Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia, earning the Bachelor of Science degree; and subsequently, the Master of Divinity degree from the Turner Theological Seminary and the Doctorate of Ministry degree from the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia.


Bishop James L. Davis has preached and taught the good news of Jesus the Christ for over 45 years. After seeking the divine guidance of He who called him to higher service in Kingdom building, campaigned for twenty-two months on his mantra – “I Showed Up for Work and God Blew My Mind”.   On July 3, 2004, in Indianapolis, Indiana he showed up for an opportunity to serve and was elected and consecrated the 123rd Bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church during its 47th Quadrennial General Conference.  


He was appointed to the 19th Episcopal District which encompasses the Republic of South Africa. While serving his first assignment Bishop Davis’ vision of furthering the legacy of self-help and self-reliance led to many accomplishments while living for four years on the continent from 2004-2008.

From 2008-2016, Bishop Davis served as the servant prelate of the 9th Episcopal District which comprises the entire state of Alabama.  As the spiritual shepherd, in 2008 and 2014, he visited all 275 churches throughout the state of Alabama. Under his leadership the 9th Episcopal District purchased and renovated the District Headquarters located in the Downtown area of Birmingham, AL.  Twenty-five months later the District celebrated the mortgage burning, while still reporting $1.8 million in budget assessments and giving back to the local churches over $60,000 to assist in various areas of need.

For six years, the 9th District saw phenomenal growth in evangelism through Pentecost gathered and Pentecost scattered.  He prayerfully spearheaded the coordination of a myriad of details executed by District leaders and members, resulting in unforgettable worship experiences that attracted over 25,000 worshippers and witnesses throughout the state of Alabama, resulting in numerous accessions, conversions and recommitments.  

As Chair of the Board of Directors for Daniel Payne College, Bishop Davis presented a phenomenal vision for its property.  This project will serve as one of the instruments for which the District will find another way to finance our church by erecting an income-generating facility.  Additionally, in August 2014, the Daniel Payne College Foundation, Inc. of the 9th Episcopal District purchased the Daniel Payne Middle School as a $2.5 million cash-sale.  This is the largest property owned by an African American institution in the state of Alabama.  The Daniel Payne Community Plaza will be the new home for the District Headquarters, and become a thriving space catering to the needs of the immediate Birmingham community and the state of Alabama.


0n July 13, 2016, Bishop Davis was appointed to his current position as Presiding Prelate of the Second Episcopal District at the 50th Quadrennial Session General Conference and 200th Anniversary   of the African Methodist Episcopal Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   The Second Episcopal District is comprised of the states of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina and Western, North Carolina and Washington, (District of Columbia) D.C.


Bishop Davis is married to his partner in the ministry, Arelis Beevers Davis. They are the very proud parents of Dr. Nicole Davis Pass and Damarys Monique Burnett, her husband, Christopher, three grandsons, Patrick James and Ashton James Pass and Baron Christopher Valentino Burnett and two granddaughters, Noel Olivia Burnett and Violet Joy Cristina.

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