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Workplace and Intimate Partner Violence

New Resource Center

New EAP Resource Center: 

Violence is something that can intrude in terrible ways both at work and at home. Taking sensible steps to reduce our risk and knowing what to do or where to turn should we encounter a violent episode can help to make us safer. 

That’s why we launched a new Workplace and Intimate Partner Violence Resource Center, where you’ll find training, videos, articles, links and tools on this important topic. There are valuable resources for everyone – for you and for your employees. 

Click here for a flyer that provides more detail. The violence prevention resources are easy to access – simply log in to and click the Workplace & Intimate Partner Violence tile – see the image above Take a minute to read the attached flyer and please make sure to share this important resource with managers and your employees!

According to OSHA, about 2 million people each year report some type of workplace violence and it is estimated that 25 percent of workplace violence goes unreported. And some of those incidents are rooted in intimate partner violence, which spills over in the workplace. 


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