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Clergy Burnout

Preventing Burnout in Ministry • Burnout is the physical and emotional exhaustion that occurs when physical and emotional resources are depleted. • 72% of pastors report working between 55-75 hours per week. 84% of pastors feel they are on call 24/7.

Call now regarding:

Help balancing your work, life and career

Help with personal issues from relationships to stress and substance abuse

Access a vast collection of self-help and articles Information and resources to improve your overall wellness

ALL CALLS ARE CONFIDENTIAL!!! Please contact your local Clergy Care Team Member if you have additional questions regarding access. If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Conference Coordinator—contact information can be found on the EAP Brochure. All Calls Are Confidential 1-800-225-4555 or 1-800-225-2527 Visit www.the


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