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Emanuel Survivors

Emanuel Survivors will be in attendance during the "Emanuel" screening to share with the audience. Following the screening, the audience will have opportunity to engage in open discussion on what can we do as the  Church in these challenging times.  

Acquiring Shared Wealth


"We have an opportunity right now to make a difference in way our church will look in years to come." Bishop James Levert Davis

Historically the African Methodist Episcopal Church engaged in economic development. Throughout the years, this wealth building, began over two centuries ago by our Founder, Bishop Richard Allen served as stepping stones to revenue streams that allowed the AME Church to establish colleges, seminaries, K-12 schools, affordable housing, outreach centers, houses of worship, shopping centers. Revenues from these institutions advanced social justice, supported ministries to the least of these, built hospitals, and created a better future for congregants and the communities we serve.

This same belief is the driving force behind the vision to create innovative funding streams. An Economic Readiness Team (ERT) led by Rev. Dr. Lee P. Washington, explores several creative options to increase cash flow into the District above and beyond assessments paid by our churches. After deliberation the ERT determined the best way to increase our wealth was through purchasing property because property value appreciate and produce income . 

Based upon their review and recommendation, we intend to purchase two properties. Monies generated from these purchases will immediately reduce the assessments for 50 churches and another 50 when the second purchase is completed. Our long-term vision is that all churches in the Second District will have their assessments substantially reduced or paid completely. 

We are in the process of finalizing the contract for the first property and intend to complete purchase of the second within 8 months. 

To achieve this goal, we need to raise $1.5 million.

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