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The Second Episcopal District invites you to join us for a year in prayer. Scripture reminds us that we are to pray and give witness to the power of prayer. I'm sure many of us can share story after story of the impact of prayer in our personal lives. 

Matthew 18:19 reminds us of the power of agreement. The Prayer Ministry invites you to agree and join in prayer as we move forward. Each week during 2023, we will focus on different prayer areas as a district. The ministry will provide the focus for the week and a prayer. As you pray throughout the week, listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit as you lift the week's focus before the Lord.

We will begin the year focusing on those in leadership within the 2nd Episcopal District. We will focus on each component and its members as the year progresses. We know that life is bound to bring unforeseen challenges, and crises will arise. Therefore, the focuses are flexible, so these issues can become central as we pray together.

If you'd like to be involved in the planning process of the Second Episcopal District Prayer Ministry, we encourage you to inform your pastor and Presiding Elder. Send your name, Presiding Elder's name, pastor's name, and church to 2nddistrictprayer@gmail.comSincerely, The 2nd Episcopal District Prayer Ministry

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